There is so much about fundraising that you cannot learn from a book.

Fundraising often happens behind closed doors. This can make it hard to learn those skills on the job.

The Chavender Next Level Talent Development Program addresses this gap.

Sign up today for a:

  • Intensive group coaching program designed for mid-level professionals

  • Program that focuses on you and your soft skills

  • Learning opportunity that leverages the power of peer communities, mentoring and knowledge sharing to deliver powerful change for you and for your organization

Learning fundraising soft skills is much more powerful with the support of a coach who can help guide you towards your next level of success.

This program is for professionals working in the not-for-profit sector who are:

  • Mid-level (development associate, coordinator, and managers)

  • Motivated to step into new leadership opportunities

  • Inspired by community learning

  • Ambitious

There are five key learning modules:

  • Communication

    Your words are your truth and your strength.

  • Networking

    Connect your way to your next donation, or your next promotion.

  • Negotiation

    Owning your value, influencing others through conversation

  • Solution Strategies

    Identifying the problem, so that you can find the path forward... every time!

  • Resilience

    More than a buzzword. Living where you are and building your tools so you can thrive long term.

Your investment is $950 + HST.

The course is delivered in group coaching sessions twice a month for six months.

There is a private group space for discussion, conversation and knowledge transfer between the sessions.

Invoices can be made out to your organization, or to you personally. Some participants will choose to pay this out of their own pockets as an investment towards their own careers.

The next cohort starts late January 2024.

Meet your coach, Sherry Schaefer

Sherry Schaefer has over 25 years of experience in the not-for-profit sector. She is a born connector who has a natural talent for developing staff and building mentoring relationships. Sherry holds a Masters in Health Administration, focused on leadership and team building strategies.

Mentorship and building talent within organizations are Sherry’s special gifts to the world. She built her professional career in geriatric care settings, starting first as a recreation therapist, and growing into her current role as Director of Foundation and Community Engagement at Capital Care, a large continuing care organization based out of Edmonton. Sherry has held many leadership positions including Community Liaison Manager, Care Manager, Director of Foundation and Community Engagement and Talent Development Coach. In these positions she has managed over 60 staff, led two significant capital campaigns that raised more than $15 million dollars, and ran multiple signature events with up to 500 attendees. In addition to her leadership roles in fundraising, she always dedicates time to support staff and colleagues in mentorship relationships.

Sherry volunteers for her professional community and has served as an executive member of several organizations (ATRA, ARPA, CTRA, AFP Edmonton, CAGP Alberta North, and AFFRE), She is most proud of the staff, colleagues and friends that she has seen grow their careers to new heights. She believes that mentorship is good not only for the individual, but that it also benefits the field that these individuals work within.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time does the course take? I am already very busy.

    You’ll have two group coaching calls (1 hour each) every month. All calls are recorded, just in case you have to miss. There is no extra “homework” between the calls. The shifts that participants experience is tied to mindset productivity and prioritization. These shifts are incorporated right into participant’s regular work week.

  • Why join the Chavender Talent Development Program?

    In person conferences will be limited for the foreseeable future. This professional development program gives you access to content, while also building your network across Canada.

    The Pandemic has forced us all to adapt. Being a part of a group program and troubleshooting solutions together is invaluable in this ever-changing world.

    The biggest challenge professionals will face in 2023 is the pace of pivoting. The Talent Development Program provides a non-competitive network of like-minded people to help you chart your path forward in an uncharted world.

    It’s crazy cheap! This kind of program and support would normally run at twice or three times the price, but our goal is to make it accessible for mid-level professionals.