The program that will empower you to raise more money than you ever thought possible!

The biggest barrier to success for high-performing individuals is the fact that they do not feel worthy of receiving money into their lives. 

They see money as a scarce commodity, a thing to be hoarded. A thing to be protected.

And that holds them back.

A lot.

…. from trying new things, from investing in themselves, from having the confidence and conviction of their decisions.

What if the biggest barrier to your success is… your relationship with money?

This four module program will help you gain back control of your personal relationship with money so you can make more money, get comfortable with your new success, and be happier doing it! You'll learn:

  • Why you react emotionally when the subject of money comes up

  • Why you are triggered by a perfectly normal money transaction with friends

  • Why you struggle to close large contracts or commitments at work

  • Why your partner drives you crazy when they do “that one thing” with spending

  • How you can regain your power when it comes to your financial future

  • How you can reclaim your personal boundaries around money

  • How you can rejoice and revel in your new relationship with money

  • How money is a good thing… and how you can welcome in more of it into your life!

The goal is to help you get clear on how you DO money, and to get clear on how you WANT to do money in your life.

Your relationship with money will drive all of your decisions, until you get a handle on it, and get clear on how you WANT to be in relationship with money.

After all, those money beliefs and stories have been there since you were little. You learned them around your kitchen table with your family.

I know that with the right awareness, these four modules of training, and a good healthy dose of curiosity, I am certain that you can transform your relationship with money for good.

And when you do, you will be more successful, more wealthy, and much happier than ever!

Ready to step towards the future you?

Early bird pricing of $399 + HST in effect until April 28, 2023 at midnight - use coupon code UPLIFT when you check out! (Program investment $449 + HST after April 28)

  1. 1
    • Money Mindset - Module 01

    • Money Archetypes Assessment

    • RECORDING Money Mindset Call #1 May 11 2023

  2. 2
    • Money Mindset - Module 02

    • Money Archetypes

    • Homework

    • RECORDING money Mindset Call #2 May 18

  3. 3
    • Money Mindset - Module 03

    • Homework

  4. 4
    • Money Mindset - Module 04

The Chavender Money Mindset Program is ready and waiting for you to step in!

Hear from Money Mindset Participants

“The most powerful thing that I learned was how to differentiate between what I believe and the beliefs that I've taken on from my upbringing. There seemed to be a constant struggle between my desires and the way I was taught to think and behave.”

– Emilia Stypulkowska, owner, Sunnyside Up Coaching.

"There is no right way or wrong way to think about money."

– Amy McKinnon, CEO Owen Sound Regional Health Foundation

"I learned that there isn't one "right way" to be in relationship with money. I also learned that we have "relationships" with money, and that being able to acknowledge and talk about that relationship is both liberating and empowering!"

– Kathryn Benjamin, Leadership Gifts Officer, Simmons University

Meet Your Coach

I have coached hundreds of professionals and executives over the years to help them reclaim their lives, live with intention, and conquer their limiting stories about themselves, and about their organizations.

Jenny Mitchell

Jenny Mitchell, CFRE, empowers and educates fundraisers to raise more money for their organizations. Trained as a classical musician, Jenny Mitchell brings her creative approach and professional drive to the world of not-for-profits. In her role as a Fundraising consultant, Jenny has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for many different sectors including the Arts, Sport and Recreation, Science, Youth and Social Services. Jenny is passionate about bringing her knowledge of “Fundraising Fundamentals” to organizations all across North America through online fundraising training sessions. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her two ringette-playing daughters, and her hockey-loving husband.

Ready to change your relationship with money?

Now is the time to become more successful, more wealthy, and much happier than ever!